Where To Buy Credits

All purchases on bucksoup are made with Credits. Before checking out, users must Add Credits to their 'Boup Bank'. One Credit is valued at One Dollar. 


To purchase Credits, simply Sign Up/In and click the Coin Icon in the Navigation Bar and select  'Buy Credits', which will link you to today's Credit Packs. We currently have 3 packs to choose from.

• The 5 pack, which gets you 5 Credits for $5.

• The 10 pack, which gets you 12 total Credits for $10.

• The 25 pack, which gets you 30 total Credits for $25.


Maintaining a positive Credit Balance creates a quick and satisfying experience at checkout. Credits will never expire as long as you maintain a valid bucksoup Account. *Digital Goods are taxable by state. Tax will be calculated at checkout based on your Zip Code.


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