Can I sell a Title for more than One Dollar?

The short answer is no. For now, bucksoup is a digital dollar store. Each Title is automatically priced at One Dollar. You can however post your Title as a Pledgeable Title. 


How do Pledgeables work?

As a Producer, you can set a threshold of a minimum number of sales before the title is released. The Title will say Pledge Now instead of Buy Now. Customers will be able to pledge to purchase your Title using credits and can remove their pledge so long as the Title hasn't met its goal and been released. You can raise or lower your goal before any pledge has been made. Once a single pledge has been made, you can only lower the goal.


As a Consumer, if a Title says Pledge Now instead of Buy Now, then the Producer has set a threshold of a minimum number of sales before the Title is released. Your pledge moves the Title one step closer to release. You must use Boup Credits to pledge. You can cancel your pledge any time before the Title is released. Once it is released, it will be automatically sent to you and you can no longer cancel.


Once a Pledgeable Title has met its goal and is released, it remains in the Producer's shop as a regular/'available now' Title for purchase and instant download.


What are the license terms for a purchased Title?

All bucksoup Titles are licensed to purchasers for personal, non-commercial use only. Producers retain ownership of any copyrights and other intellectual property rights associated with their Titles. This means you may display, print and use a Title for your own enjoyment, but you cannot reproduce the Title and sell or license it to anyone else. You cannot use a purchased Title, for example, as a trademark for a product or service, or to create a poster you then sell on another site. Please see our Terms of Service for the specific license terms, terms and conditions of our service, and relevant restrictions.


Can I sell a Title that was made using A.I.? 

Absolutely. Although we highly value the creativity, originality and skill of all artists, we also believe there is an incredible amount of brilliant content being generated inside the A.I. community. We are more than happy to host Producers who wish to sell any digital product. So long as it’s legal and in compliance with our Terms of Service.


How does bucksoup prevent people from scraping?

We strongly suggest when posting a Title, Producers select the watermarking option to protect their content from being scraped. If you've already posted a Title and did not watermark it, do not worry, you can edit your Title and watermark it at any time. Purchased Titles do not have bucksoup watermarks when downloaded.


How do I make a promo image the main image for my Title?

When you've added multiple images to your Title's Product Page, you can drag them and arrange them in the order you want. This can be done as you're adding the promo images, or afterward, during Review and Release, or while editing the Title thru Manage Titles. Regardless, when you choose to arrange the images, whichever image is listed first will be the primary image for the Title. 


How much does a Producer get from each sale?

Producers get $0.75 for every $1.00 Title they sell. We set out from the beginning to offer one of the best deals on the web for consumers and Producers alike.


When do I get paid as a Producer?

Producers will receive their first payout after earning $25.00. After that a Producer can select from a number of payout thresholds in the Payout Options section of their account settings.


Do Credits expire?

Your Credits will never expire as long as you maintain an account and valid credit card with us. They will be available to purchase amazing content indefinitely. 


Who's Chuck?

Chuck is more than a mascot - he's our team! He’s got all the knowledge he needs and even more he doesn’t. When he’s not writing emails, he’s tirelessly working on the site...updating code, troubleshooting workflow, and always looking to improve your experience! You can find an icon of Chuck in the profile icons list, but you'll be sure to see more of Chuck in the near future...


And a big shout out to Pepijn Berghout, the incredible talent behind Chuck's design. www.pepijnberghout.com