The Digital Dollar Store

bucksoup - the digital dollar store


With the popularity of the dollar store, it only makes good sense that there should be a digital dollar store, right?


But let's keep in mind these two ideas have a fundamental difference.

At the dollar store, they want to sell 10,000 birthday cards for a dollar.

At bucksoup - the digital dollar store, we're looking to sell that 1$ birthday card 10,000 times.


Make no mistake, it's a volume play, and we're ready to pump it up!


We absolutely love the idea of our producers creating 'inventory' that they can drop and have downloaded over and over again.


We love that a producer may already have digital content that exists in another marketplace, but they can simply post and sell on bucksoup - the digital dollar store, to provide a new revenue stream. 


And of course who wouldn't love the idea of someone creating a brand new digital product that they want to post for sale on bucksoup? That's just crazy exciting!


And these are just some of the reasons we believe bucksoup - the digital dollar store can be a game changer in the digital space. 


That said, we are currently looking for content creators who would like to join our community, open shops, and share their incredible talents with savvy consumers who are looking for quality goods at an affordable price.


Let's Go!


Much Appreciated!

- Chuck


bucksoup - the digital dollar store