When To Pledge

Pledging on bucksoup is our way of allowing Producers to set a Pledge Goal (or sales goal) before releasing their Title. This has more of a crowdfunding feel, but we love the idea of the community rallying around and showing their support for our talented Producers!


We call these Titles, Pledgeables. You will recognize these when you see the 'Pledge Now' button on a Product Page. You can also filter 'All Titles' to only see which Titles are Pledgeables.


So when a Title's action button says 'Pledge Now' instead of 'Buy Now', and you click to complete the transaction, your Pledge moves the Title one step closer to release. Credits will be deducted from your Boup Bank at that time (no matter the length of the campaign). Once a Pledgeable Title is released, you will be notified immediately that it's ready for download, and the Title will also appear in your Purchased Titles.


Should a Title fail to reach it's goal and/or the Producer decides to end the campaign and not release the Title, you will be notified immediately and your Credits will be returned to your Boup Bank.


You can cancel your Pledge any time before the Title is released and your Credits will be returned to your Boup Bank.


We look forward to many successful Pledgeable campaigns and are always open to your feedback to help improve the bucksoup experience!