Our Name...

bucksoup is a digital dollar store. In fact, it's the very first of its kind...so naturally the 'buck' represents the dollar.


The 'soup', well that represents all the incredible people that make up our community. From the uber talented Producers to the ultra savvy consumers. We value everyone that participates and believe they are the ones that ultimately provide bucksoup with all it's flavor and spice. 


We thank you for that!


Our Philosophy...

Inspired by the idea of being able to score a single dollar from each person at the stadium, we've gone full send into a volume based business model.


We believe we've created an original marketplace designed for storytellers and thier muses. Providing a platform for Producers to demonstrate their talents, and offer their Titles is not only great, but also at a dollar a pop, allowing the consumers to collectively declare the value is what we find most engaging. 


We think it's way more satisfying to have one thousand people purchase your work for a dollar than to have just one person purchase it for a thousand. It just seems like we can provide an opportunity to touch so many more people this way...it really feels like a win, win!


Our Goods...

All digital, all day. If it can be uploaded, it can be downloaded...instantly. And that's how our customers like it. 


Whether it be audio, video, text or pics...bucksoup can provide multiple touch points and offer its fanbase a wide array of products. By focusing on digital goods, we recoginize we are able to explore many creative communities.


However, we are very excited to promote the A.I. community as our primary group of artists. With so much new and inspired content being generated every day, it only makes sense for bucksoup to provide the perfect complementary platform for these talented producers.


That said, although we believe there is an incredible amount of brilliant content being gernerated inside the A.I. community, we are more than happy to host all Producers who wish to sell any digital product (so long as it’s legal and is in compliance with our policies).


Our Appreciation...

We are very grateful for the opportunity to service you and your community and look foward to nurturing a long lasting, fun relationship with our fans.