Producer Terms

Hey Hey!

If you're reading this we suspect you are, or are thinking about becoming a bucksoup Producer, which in either case is totally awesome!


We're genuinely excited at the opportunity to make your Producing experience both profitable and fun! So we started by making it free.


There is currently no fee to open your bucksoup Shop! 


For each User Account you can open one bucksoup Shop. Within each Shop you can post as many Titles as you like so long as they are legal and in compliance with our Terms of Service. Each Title is automatically priced at One Dollar. You can however post your Title as a 'Pledgeable Title'. 


A Pledgeable Title means, as a Producer, you can set a threshold of a minimum number of sales before the Title is released. The Title will say 'Pledge Now' instead of 'Buy Now'. Customers will be able to make a pledge towards the purchasing of your Title using credits. A User can also remove their pledge so long as the Title hasn't met its goal and been released. You can raise or lower your goal before any pledge has been made. Once a single pledge has been made, you can only lower the goal. You can make these adjustments by editing your Title thru the Manage Titles section of your account settings.


You will need to decide if you want to make your Title a Pledgeable when you create/post the Title. You will not be able to turn a 'Buy Now' Title into a Pledgeable after creating the Title. Should you decide before-hand to make your Title a Pledgeable Title, once its goal is met and the Title is released, it will remain in your shop as a 'Buy Now' Title. That Title will recieve a tag or badge on the Title Page that indicates it was originally a Pledgeable Title that met it's goal of 'X' amount of pledges. 


We strongly suggest when posting any Title, Producers select the watermarking option to protect their content from being scraped. If you've already posted a Title and did not watermark it, do not worry, you can edit your Title and watermark it at any time. This can be achieved thru the Manage Titles section of your account settings.


All bucksoup Titles are licensed to purchasers for personal, non-commercial use only. Producers retain ownership of any copyrights and other intellectual property rights associated with their Titles. Please see our Terms of Service for the specific license terms, terms and conditions of our service, and relevant restrictions.


Once a Title is sold, and/or released, (in the case of a Pledgeable Title) Producers will accrue $0.55 for every $1.00 (or unit) sold. Once the Producer has accrued at least $25.00 they will receive their first Payout. After that a Producer can select from a number of Payout thresholds in the 'Payout Options' section of their account settings. 


Any further questions may be answered in the FAQs or by emailing us at


We truly apprecite your talents and look forward to hosting your bucksoup Shop soon!